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Name: Autumn Hasan

Nickname: Fall

Birthday: November 15th

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Height: 5’4

Timezone: Mountain Time Zone…. I’m pretty sure what it’s called >.<

What time and date is it there: August 28th and it is 3:29 p.m.

Average hours of sleep I get: 4-5

OTP: AshxMisty AyatoxYui HaruhixKyon SasukexHinata

Last thing I googled: How do penguins mate…(Long Story you can ask me if you want to know though ;)

First word that comes to mind: Bubbles (Try saying that in the angriest way you can)

What I last said to my family: Aap ageeb ho likin islie toe aap meri behn ho (You are strange but that’s why your my sister. I speak both Urdu and English at my house)

Last movie I watched at the cinema: Guardians of the Galaxy

Three things I can’t live without: 1) Chuuchi (Don’t worry about it…) 2)Anime and Manga (Yes I count those as one) 3) My Family

A piece of advice I would give to my followers: Don’t let anyone keep you from being who you are because you’re you and you should embrace to the fullest.

You have to listen to this song: Courtesy Call by: Thousand Foot Krutch (Like my favorite song)

My Blog/s: I got this one

People I tag:







Yeah so I kinda didn’t really follow the rules or in this case rule but there aren’t many people I want to tag in this. Well hope you enjoyed getting to know me! Oh yeah and I am going to have another fanfiction up soon. Sorry I haven’t wrote a fic in a while…Byeeeeeeeeee

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